1. To
2. Parallel Windows
3. Suppressed Feeling
4. Stimulated Concentration
5. Routine Moving
6. Viewpoint
7. Run
8. Intolerable
9. Overflow
10. Grey Lane
11. Force

Album length - 1:44:46
Finished in 2013 August 30
Released in 2015 January 11
Released on
Electron Emitter.

"Continuing the path of Indefinable, Blur enters a lot cooler, a lot more chaotic and a lot more dramatic environment. A Blur of suppressed and constrained emotions lost in maniacal pursuit of productivity and efficiency, constantly reminding about its existence and getting in the way to the goal. Rain of thoughts and ideas leading to the way of an incorrect decision, leaving us in absolute suspension not knowing what will happen next.

You will hear rhythms which are a lot more difficult to get, an introduction of synthetic violin and orchestral bits which became the signature of Number Eleven."

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  2.Parallel Windows

  3.Suppressed Feeling

  4.Stimulated Concentration

  5.Routine Moving





  10.Grey Lane