1. Behind the limits of imagination
2. Fading Line
3. Versification
4. Upcoming
5. One
6. Full Scale Degradation
7. Rust
8. Lost
9. Past Flash
10. Time Horizon
11. Outside The Dimension

Album length - 1:33:33
Finished in 2013 April 09
Released in 2014 December 11
Released on Ele
ctron Emitter.

"The first album by Number Eleven, starting a human existence in his own controlled environment, which is influenced by the outer world. A lonely travel to an indefinable destination followed by a huge downfall and an escape to an unknown obscurity, constantly questioning why did the peaceful and comfortable void suddenly filled with sadness and despair, where you couldn’t feel happy.

Melodies lost in floating backgrounds, following the rhythm of unknown style which shouldn’t be too difficult for a new ear."

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  1.Behind The Limits of Imagination

  2.Fading Line




  6.Full Scale Degradation



  9.Past Flash

  10.Time Horizon

  11.Outside The Dimension