About me.

Hi there human being looking at a black screen thinking you are actually going to read something about me. This is actually going to be a lot of rubbish. Even the label where I release my music said that this is "sarcastically stupid".

I'm a human, who composes and performs orchestral-like, industrial-like, ambient-like and everything-no-border-like-it-or-not-whatever-you-call electronic music since I was 4 years old.

I'm from Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the three Baltic countries in the world. To the rest of the world - the bottom one that looks like squashed Africa. Or the one which always shouts "WE WILL WIN" every time when there's some sort of a basketball championship, and we always end up below Americans.

I like Pepsi.

I hate mushrooms.

I don't drink. People love when I go to their parties, because I like driving, and I hate ethanol.

I weigh 74 kilograms.

I wear glasses.

And stop fucking "suggesting" me to change my software to Ableton. This is not going to happen.


It's not very helpful, isn't it? Seriously, what did you expect?


Audio influences.

It's not like I'm influenced by this or that artist, and I recreate a part from his music that I like. I can't really find any musician, that completely fits my music taste. So I created my own.

I currently listen to EWW, Autechre, Scorn, Clark, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Sinage, AugZF, Seefeel, Gescom.

My favourites are - EWW, Autechre.


Artwork influences.

Close your eyes and push them in with your fingers. Then - look around.


That was a joke.


Why there's no colours?

That's because instant noodles doesn't have any taste.


Why I mentioned instant noodles in answer to the question of no colours?



Why did I called myself Number Eleven?

My pseudonym Number Eleven doesn't state that I, as a human being am number eleventh. The pseudonym just states the number, without any meaning or astrological nonsense. It would be the same if I wrote it 11.

Imagine this situation - every time you check your clock, to see what time is it, every time you see X hours and 11 minutes. This was persistent for a few years before the first album.

This got so deep into my conscience that I called myself like that, without even thinking of aforementioned situation. No reason, or intelligent thinking with some hidden meaning.

Maybe I just seen 11 minutes two times in a row and went fucking mad.


Why there's eleven tracks in each album?

Ever seen the word "coincidence" written in quotes?


Why don't I sing?

I hate human voice.


This is a load of rubbish.

It is actually. You've got this far?


When did Number Eleven start?

September 2012.


Why did Number Eleven start?

Because somebody advised me not to buy any green bananas.


I said that I was creating music since 4. Is there any previous projects?

I changed my pseudonym so many times, that I don't even know which to mention. The answer is no. The music wasn't released or published anywhere, it was a hobby. Exploring rhythmic combinations and so on.


How old am I?

This year minus 1996. And minus 1, if it's before December 16th.


Will people ever be able to see me perform together with Lil Wayne?

Not even in the parallel universe.


Why do I keep writing intermittent shit here?

I get bored when writing about myself. And I don't like when the artist descriptions are written in formal style. They are boring and not fun to read.


This is just plain shit, so it doesn't need to make any sense.


What does "corruption, clusterfuck and instant noodles" mean?

This is my life-description.

Corruption - corrupted/failed versions of dreams.

Clusterfuck - everything is in an uncontrollable chaos. The term used in war, when things go badly wrong in a matter of seconds.

Instant noodles - the nastiness of reality.


Currently I'm thinking to upgrade to "Corruption, clusterfuck and microwave pizzas."


Did I go to music school, or arts school?

I barely went to school.


Where can I read something actually meaningful instead of this shit?

Enjoy the description Electron Emitter wrote.


When will Number Eleven end?

I couldn't think of any question that would fit as the last one.