Album length – 1:44:45
Finished on 2014-08-25
Released on 2017-03-25
Released on Electron Emitter


Gumroad (includes visuals)


After the destruction initiated by Protrusion, Autism enters a cold, self-satisfactory state of no response to any attempt to contact, trying to believe there is no possibility for communication. The idea is progressing with a wrong assumption that mute means non-existent, relying on autistic thinking, assuming as if it is immune to an emotion. Realizing that it is wrong leads to a colossal reaction, causing a worsening of the state of existing disorders to a complete malfunction of the whole thinking structure.


Structurally difficult and non-paced rhythms, getting more complex and running away from rules dictated by background structures fading away, anxious melodies which are trying to compensate the constant urge to lose the control of composition.