1. Leap
  2. External Contours
  3. Wait
  4. Inertial Power
  5. Dew
  6. Predicted Inclusion
  7. Charge Incapable
  8. Transition
  9. Intermedium
  10. Resurrection
  11. Disengage


Album length – 2:13:16
Finished in 2015 May 22
Released in 2018 October 25
Released on Electron Emitter


Having difficulties to cope with worsening states of disorders, Event leaps to search for an answer by removing the definitions completely and allowing to make connections again, to feel attached to things that were once familiar and welcoming. Knowing that this way of searching for the source of the disorders will lead to a failure, by not being able to relate to those things, renders them strange, wiping all of them away. But one of those gets stuck, resisting to go away and holding everything together. The Event leads itself to disengage from everything that could be described with a definition.


Complex rhythmic combinations, constantly getting faster to the point of losing the structure and becoming a vast halo of drum-like noise tearing the last orchestral sounds, that couldn’t get ready for an end of a process that didn’t even start, and hopeless melodies that aren’t sure if they are supposed to exist.