1. Recuperation
  2. Perverse Environment
  3. Vast Distances
  4. Inspired Collapse
  5. Power Emitter
  6. Overpowered Erosion
  7. Vacuity
  8. Pointless
  9. Altered Trail
  10. Corruption
  11. Go Away


Album length – 1:34:57
Finished in 2014 December 23
Released in 2017 November 22
Released on Electron Emitter


Damaged with disorders, constant reconstructions, and wrong decisions, while losing the ability to dictate your own rules, Strict falls into a state of attacking everything that could lead to a failure, introducing a crude self-defense mechanism of attacking everything that is interfering with principles of existence. All this has the potential of destroying all bonds and connections, dismissing the opportunities, just to find the cause of disorders, ripping every reason of existence just to have an answer.


Regained, recuperated anger and blasts combined with illogical analytic attacks, resulting in a powerful complex forge of rhythmic structures which are hard to stand and fathom, coupled with the angry synthesis of orchestral and electronic surges of extreme insanity and sadness put at the precision of a scalpel.