1. Side of a Moving Train Being Created
  2. Sheet Metal in a Washing Machine
  3. Lug Nuts in The Sky
  4. Bricks Falling From The Ground
  5. Running on Railway
  6. Spitting Into Glass Bowl
  7. Bicycle With Square Wheels
  8. A Car With Engine From a Malfunctioning Blender
  9. Psychotic Hammer in The Refrigerator
  10. Pickled Chair


EP length – 41:55
Finished in 2014 June 30
Released in 2018 February 1
Released onĀ Electron Emitter

This EP includes the very first track of Number Eleven. A sandbox where random ideas and experiments merged into incomplete forms while searching for sounds and compositions, which sometimes became source material for new tracks. From this sandbox emerged the first few ideas of the way the first album Indefinable should reach its end, how the Blur should start, and how Protrusion should sound.